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Sculpture ADAMO I Graphite

The Cooee X Kristiina collection is deliberately selected to create harmony between the rough sculptures and Cooee’s minimalistic range. With choice of color, shape and size in mind.

Adamo I is a sculpture with character and requires a noble spot in your home.  The name Adamo can refer to the first individual person or the general creation of humankind. Figuratively speaking also” a man” or being a man but literally ”the ground” or made from the mud.

Weight 4000 g
Designer Kristiina Engelin
Sku HI-KI-002-GH


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Kristiina Engelin

Kristiina Engelin is a sculptor and designer based at the Westcoast of Sweden. She works mainly with the elements of the human anatomy and has developed her own, unique style – with clean lines yet raw and tactile surfaces.

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