Gry Tealight Medium Smoke

Gry tealight Medium is a novelty in our glass collection. The lanterns are nice to combine in different sizes and colors. They spread a warm and cozy glow. The candle holder is suitable for larger tealights.

Dimensions 11 × 11 × 9 cm
Collection Gry
Designer Tim Torp Hansen
Sku TH-05-07-SM
"Rich in detail, the Gry vases are elegant sculptures that elevates the flowers and water placed inside and plays with the daylight in Its structured surface and color. The candleholder takes the light from the wick lit inside and turns it into a beautiful pattern projected onto the surface on which it stands. The inspiration for the shape comes from the trunk of trees. Starting from the ground you can see the beginning of the roots before turning more round in shape further up. Gry, meaning dawn in Danish, has different word associations, as it is also a play on the word “gro” which means “to grow."
- Tim Torp Hansen

Tim Torp Hansen

In early 2020, architect Tim Torp Hansen started studio 5’7. Located in Copenhagen with the motto that good design is always a good mix of the past, present and future. The studio is known for its ability to design with a fine balance between aesthetics, quality and surprise at a higher level.

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The Gry glass collection consists of vases and lanterns in transparent or colored glass. The inspiration for the design comes from the trunks of trees. Starting from the ground, you can see the beginning of the roots at the bottom and a more rounded, tree-like shape higher up.

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