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Hanna Heino

Hanna Heino is a Finnish artist dedicated to contemporary ceramics and abstract paintings. She is known for her delicate form language and the essence of her artwork is to honor the beauty and subtle nuances of nature and its organic textures, shapes and depth. After working fifteen years within the various fields of interior design and residential construction she established her own artistic studio in 2019 and has been devoted to her art since then. She first started exploring with ceramics and classical painting in her childhood and ever since creativity has been a core element in her life. The artworks take shape and grow organically with time and with her fascination for clay, authentic materials and all that which cannot be easily put into words.Through her art, Hanna aims to form the inner landscape visible and express the multifaceted layers of joy that freedom of creating and nature bring. The Essence of what her work stands for is sensitivity, refinement, peace, subtlety and silence. Her original artworks are represented by international galleries and her pieces are seen in public spaces and private residencies worldwide.