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Kaia Linnen

Kaia belongs to the same collection as the adorable Isla vase. The design is typical for the Finnish artist Hanna Heino who pursues her inspiration from nature and raw materials she works with. Hanna has a intuitive way of working with clay and you can almost feel her fingers in the coral-like structure of the vase’s surface.

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15cm, 25cm

Designer Hanna Heino
Kaia Black
"The shape of Cooee’s iconic ball vase combined with my organic pattern creates a touch of delicateness and individuality into the timeless form. For me the round shape presents something very classical, the form is gentle and always welcoming."
- Hanna Heino

Hanna Heino

Hanna Heino is a Finnish artist dedicated to contemporary ceramics and abstract paintings. She is known for her delicate form language and the essence of her artwork is to honor the beauty and subtle nuances of nature and its organic textures, shapes and depth.

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