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Kristiina Engelin

Kristiina Engelin is a sculptor and designer based at the Westcoast of Sweden. She works mainly with the elements of the human anatomy and has developed her own, unique style – with clean lines yet raw and tactile surfaces. The inspiration comes from Kristiina’s interest in Art history and she lets the anatomy seen in ancient art emerge with new, cubist form. Therefore she calls her style “Ancient Cubism”. Kristiina’s sculptures can be seen in numerous magazines and on different social media platforms. Her art is distributed through agents and exhibited in cities such as Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan and Sidney. Her sculptures have been sold to large residences, for example the old exclusive hotel Lutetia in central Paris and the castle Château de L’Estang i Sancerre.

I value genuine handmade art and timeless design, and this is why a collaboration with Cooee felt given. Our meeting has resulted in an exclusive collection of sculptures that I hope can inspire people to furnish their homes with art.