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Drift Desert Vanilla Small

Drift desert is our new Drift 2.0 with new shapes. The mind is taken to wave-patterned beaches with its flowing structure. Characteristic of the Drift collection is the rough, sandy surface.

The production takes place in Portugal.

Dimensions 16 cm
Designer Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal
Sku AG-09-01-VA


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"The nature around us is constantly shaped by the elements. From the major changes through the ice ages to weather’s daily impact on a mountain birch and sand on a beach."
- Anders Pfeffer Gjendal

Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal

Anders Pfeffer Gjendal is a respected artist and wood sculptor from Norway. In his studio in Asker, he creates beautiful sculptures in wood and stone. The materials he uses are found in the surrounding nature, mainly ash, oak and granite.

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